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The  Cycling Tour continues
From Ont Canada to Florida USA  3100 km 
The Ontario Cycling Tour
2500 km COMPLETE!
All donations welcome
20.00     50.00      75.00

Remember Mary

Mark’s Mom presented him with this poem she wrote:

He struck out on his tour from his home town of Perth
In the sixty sixth year from the day of his birth.
He lost his dear wife to that dread scourge of cancer
To raise funds for research and to help find an answer.
That’s Mark, The Bicycle Man.
It’s a story repeated in many a form
From family and home a loved one has been torn.
He took on the challenge not for the glory
But to bike for the cure and to tell Mary’s story.
Love Mark, The Bicycle Man
He peddled his cycle through city and town,
On highways, and side roads and bicycle paths down.
He conquered the steeps and the heat and the rain
He slept for a night and then struck out again.
Go Mark, The Bicycle Man.
He took a few days on his way for a rest
To catch up with his blog posts and to give it his best.
The trip clocked one thousand five fifty in miles,
And he raised funds aplenty to bring on some smiles.
Wow Mark, The Bicycle Man.
Now Mark is the hero of some local news
And may be the subject of national views.
So Mary’s remembered, dear wife, mother, sister and friend
Her life and her legacy will not soon end.
God bless Mark, The Bicycle Man.”

2019 Remember Mary

Remember Mary

July 25